‘Ghost Love’ Personal Piece, Watercolor, 13.5x18", 2014.

“Aderyn” – Meaning ‘Bird’ in Welsh – Final Painting, Watercolor, Spring 2015

‘Pasithea’, Greek personification of relaxation & vision, Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.

‘Hypnos’, Greek personification of Sleep, Watercolor & white acrylic, 2014.

‘The Master’s Fee’ Title Illustration, Commissioned by author Richard Alvarez – www.richard-alvarez.com, 12x16", watercolor, 2014. Read ‘The Master’s Fee’ flash fiction at: http://richard-alvarez.dreamhosters.com/?page_id=505

'Pirate Invasion 2013', PA Renaissance Faire, Watercolor on Hotpress, Ren Faire Mini Moments 2014, Coming Soon, More @ www.mairintajcaya.com

Original painting, ‘My Father, The Old Horse’ movie poster, commissioned by director/writer Max Einhorn & producer/writer Cara Trabucco, watercolor, 12x18", 2013.

Completed official movie poster, ‘My Father, The Old Horse’, watercolor, 24x36", 2013.

Lemuria, Commemorative Portrait, Private Commission, Watercolor, 2011.